What A Night It Was!

It was a chance to celebrate all the wonderful people who helped us along the way to launching Volume 01.

We read that it was going to be raining all evening.

We were a little worried since half of our party was scheduled to be on the beautiful outdoor patio at Fix Coffee + Bikes, and our paper flower photo wall was going to be outside as well. Skies were looking a little grey all day, but we finished setting up without any issues. We thought we had lucked out on the weather front, but lo and behold, a torrential downpour came and went! Thankfully we were able to move everything indoors quite quickly. No magazine or paper flower casualties to be reported!

“It was so amazing to witness the amount of love and support from our community. The magazine nor the launch would have happened without all the wonderful people that helped us along the way.”

Ladies from Studio Hap helped spread the word of our launch party all the way from Paris, and have always cheered us on from day one. Fred, fFix Coffee + Bikes graciously offered to host us, and lent us his beautiful cafe and patio. We had little lanterns on all the little patio tables, and set up our magazine stands throughout the cafe. Chrissy, the founder of Dispatch Coffee, sponsored us 5 growlers full of cold brew concentrate, and Jennie drove it all the way to Toronto from Montreal. It was so worth it because the cold brew was a huge hit with our guests that evening! Our friends and family took time out of their day to come out to our event. There are so many people who went out of their way to help Volume 01 come to life, and we cannot express how thankful we are to be a part of such a wonderful, supportive community.

Each and every connection we made through Volume 01, with our interviewees and with our readers, has been incredible.

With so much love and support, Volume 01 was successfully launched on August 11th, 2017. I would like to extend my most warm and heartfelt thank you to everyone and to the Ignite team, for making this happen. Now off to our next adventure!

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