Elisabeth Yoon

Founder & Art Director

When I was little, I was always full of questions as children often are. "Why is the sky blue? Where does the tide go? How does the news man know what to say on television?" My parents tried to answer the incoming bombardment of questions as best they could but the next day the interrogation would begin again. One particular morning during breakfast, I asked my dad where ice cream came from. He said he didn't know.

Later that afternoon, he pulled me out of class early to take me to the local ice cream factory. I still remember the sound and sight of these gigantic metal vats churning. The manager took it very seriously, and gave us a tour from manufacturing and packaging, to a dingy little office to explain how the supply chain worked.

It didn't end with the ice cream factory. After that day, my parents began taking a very hands-on approach to answering my questions. When I asked them how tadpoles turned into frogs, my dad drove us to an empty rice paddy so we could wade through the mud for frog eggs. Over the weeks, we observed them every morning, watching them slowly hatch and morph into their final form. When I asked how the weather man knew it was going to rain, they took me to the weather station to speak with the meteorologist. In response to the endless questions, they had found a perfect solution (before the advent of Google).

Ignite is an attempt to channel that curiosity. Our purpose is to shine a light on subjects that the public might not know about, asking those who would know best, and revealing their unique perspectives.

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